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Simeon Neely,     

I am a Board Certified Massage Therapist, Licensed in Kansas and Missouri. I received training from Wellspring School of Allied Health.   

Missouri License # 2010041217

Reiki Master Teacher

 Harmony: Growing up I've always been a person that required a harmonious environment . I continuously worked at staying balanced and healthy even as a young child. For as long as I can remember I have despised seeing people suffer and have always wanted to be in a position to help others. Little did I know my passion for a peaceful, balanced life would lead me to Healing Arts. I come from a lineage of healers. My grand mother, my great grand father my great grand mother all had a phenomenal gift of healing. My grandmother practiced until she died. This gift was passed down to my mother and to me so massage therapy is a natural fit. I began learning about massage in my twenties when I had a debilitating back ache that kept me on my sofa for almost two weeks. I went to the ER where a doctor prescribed me a narcotic for pain relief. At the time I didn't know what massage was and I sure was not told that it could help me. I received my first massage at work and as I continued to receive them I noticed my back kept getting better. A few years later my mother developed breast cancer and received massage and Reiki to help with pain and her recovery time. It wasn't until 2 years ago I decided that massage was something I wanted to do as a career. I must say that it was the best decision I've made in regards to my career. I truly love the work and helping people become pain free through therapeutic massage is a immeasurable joy.


Mary Zemenye     

Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist

Missouri License # 2016009456

I initially went to school learn more about makeup and helping women enhance their natural beauty. Turns out that I fell in love with all aspects of skincare! My mission is to help people improve their appearance thru proper skin care and techniques that maintain balanced healthy skin.

I am a make up artist at heart and strive to help women look their best and lift self esteem. It brings me great satisfaction to see my clients smile when their skin is healthy looking and glowing. I truly believe that this is my calling!










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